How to Remove a Headrest

by TimBurgone

A headrest can be a useful piece of equipment to have in your car, especially behind the driver's seat. If you use it a great deal, there is a chance that the wear and tear of use will make it rip or lose its stability. In that case you would have to replace it. This is not a complicated job and you do not need an understanding of auto mechanics to remove the old headrest so that you can put on a new one.

Single Post Headrests

Step 1

Slide your hands under the headrest padding and lift it up to the first position.

Step 2

Locate the button on the flat part of the seat right next to the headrest post. Press the button down and hold it.

Pull the headrest up and out of the seat until the post is clear of the base.

Double Post Headrests with a Button on the Base

Step 1

Lift the headrest up as high as you can and inspect the base of the posts. Find the small slot on the base of the post without the button.

Step 2

Slide the end of the screwdriver into the slot on the base of the post and press the button at the same time. Make sure the screwdriver is pressing onto the switch in the slot.

Lift the headrest up from the seat while holding the screwdriver and button in place. Remove the screwdriver when the headrest posts are out of the seat.

Double Post Headrests with No Button on the Base

Step 1

Pull the headrest up as high as you can. You need as much access to the base of the posts as possible.

Step 2

Look at the caps around the posts and find the small hole on each post. They will either be on the side or back of each cap.

Step 3

Insert the tip of the jeweler's screwdriver into the left hole in the cap. Press the screwdriver in to depress the switch inside.

Pull up the left headrest post until it comes out of the seat. Repeat the same step with the right side to completely remove the headrest.

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