How to Remove Headliner Trim From a Cadillac

by Ryan Bauer

There are a number of reasons you may need to remove the headliner from your Cadillac. Certain items, such as sunroof motors and wiring, are hidden behind the headliner. If the headliner itself is in need of repair, due to problems such as sagging fabric, it must first be removed from the vehicle. In most Cadillac models, the headliner is held in place primarily by the trim that surrounds it. Once the trim is removed, you can easily pull the headliner out of the vehicle.

Open all of the doors on the Cadillac. Remove the trim running around the perimeter of the headliner. Work your fingers behind the trim pieces and gently pull them until they snap out. They are held in place by hidden plastic or metal clips that come free when wiggled with enough pressure. If the trim is difficult to remove by hand, you can pry it loose with an automotive trim removal tool. Continue this process until all of the trim covering the headliner has been removed.

Remove any other items holding the headliner in place. Depending on your model, this may include visors, grab handles, garment hangers and a dome light. Remove the screws securing these items to the headliner and pull them off. Slide the dome light forward to free it for removal, then disconnect the wire harness. When the last item securing the headliner has been removed, it will simply fall down onto the seats.

Remove the headliner through the front passenger door. You may have to bend the headliner board slightly to fit it through the door frame. Reinstall the headliner by reversing this process. The trim pieces simply snap back into place.

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