How to Remove the Headliner From a Town & Country

by Ryan Bauer
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Removing the headliner may be necessary for a number of tasks. There are electrical components, motors, and wiring that run behind the headliner. Installing accessories such as roof-mounted luggage racks will also require the headliner to be dropped. On the Chrysler Town & Country, once a few things have been removed, the headliner can be popped out and easily removed through the rear of the van.

Step 1

Insert a trim removal tool behind the upper plastic molding surrounding the headliner. Slide the tool along the length of the trim, giving it a light twist whenever you meet a clip to dislodge it. Work your way completely around the van until all of the trim covering the headliner has been removed.

Step 2

Remove the trim surrounding the sunroof, if equipped. It comes off in the same manner as the other trim. Using a screwdriver, remove all of the grab handles and garment hooks from the headliner.

Step 3

Slide the trim removal tool behind the dome light and twist it to pop it off. Unplug the wiring and set the light aside.

Step 4

Pull the headliner down gently, starting from the back of the vehicle. It's still held on by several metal clips, but will pop out when light pressure is applied. Work slowly and do not forcefully tear the headliner from the clips.

Step 5

Open the back of the van and slide the headliner out the rear. When finished, reverse these steps to reinstall the headliner. It will simply snap back into the clips, and the trim will snap into its corresponding grooves.

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