How to Remove a Headlight

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Sylvania, a large automotive headlight supplier, recommends inspecting or replacing your headlights once per year. While the headlights may last longer than that, they have a tendency to lose some of their brightness over time, which can be a safety liability in bad weather or at night. Few tools are required for headlight replacement or removal; the procedure can be done at home by almost anyone.

Typical engine bay.

Open your hood to access the front part of the engine bay. Look behind the headlight assembly to see if the wiring module is visible. The module will usually protrude from the rear of the headlight assembly.

Remove any panels blocking the rear of the headlight assembly, if it is not visible. Some vehicles have plastic coverings behind the headlight. Twist the module to unlock the headlight bulb and carefully pull it from the headlight assembly.

Disconnect the bulb from the module. Installation is the reverse of removal.

Remove the bolts or screws mounting the headlight assembly to the front of the vehicle, if you want to remove the entire assembly. Headlight assemblies are usually mounted by two bolts or screws. Once removed, simply pull the assembly out and disconnect the wiring modules.


  • check If replacing the headlight, make sure the bulb or assembly is specifically for your vehicles. Bulbs rarely are interchangeable.


  • close If installing a new bulb, try not to touch the the glass part of the bulb. Moisture and dirt from your hand can cause the bulb to become faulty. Don't drive your vehicle at night or in rain without replacing the headlight.

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