How to Remove a Grand Cherokee Instrument Cluster

by Christian Killian
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Removing the instrument cluster on the Jeep Grand Cherokee allows you to replace the bulbs that light the cluster, replace the unit if it is not working or access the wiring and under-dash components behind it. You can remove it with relative ease and with basic hand tools. The trim bezel around the cluster will need to come off to access the mounting screws for the cluster, but the whole job can be done in just a few minutes.

Step 1

Disconnect the negative battery terminal from the battery and set it aside. Be sure it will not slide back against the battery while you are working. Allow the Jeep to sit with the battery disconnected for at least two minutes to disable the airbag capacitor before working on the instrument panel.

Step 2

Tilt the steering column on your Jeep all the way down. This will allow better access to the instrument cluster and it will make it easier to get the cluster out of the dash when you are ready.

Step 3

Remove the bezel around the instrument cluster using a trim stick or similar wide-bladed tool to pop the clips loose from the four corners. Work slowly and be careful when prying the clips loose. Too much pressure on the bezel will crack it.

Step 4

Lean the top of the bezel back and lift it out of the instrument cluster area. Set it aside for now. Locate the four mounting screws that secure the cluster mounting tabs and remove them with a Phillips screwdriver. There are two at the top and two at the bottom of the cluster.

Step 5

Pull the upper mounting tabs downward and lean the cluster toward you until you can see the wiring harness connector on the rear of the cluster. It is a single connector that powers all the gauges, lights and other items in the cluster.

Step 6

Remove the wiring harness connector from the back of the cluster. Release the locking tab on the connector and pull it straight out of the receptacle. Slide the cluster forward and lift it out of the dash past the steering wheel.

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