How to Remove the Freeze Plugs on a Chevy 350

by Don Bowman

The small-block Chevy 350 engine has two freeze plugs on either side of the engine block and two in the rear of the block on both sides of the camshaft. They are offered in steel or brass. The brass freeze plugs are slightly more expensive but well worth it. Brass, unlike the steel, does not corrode or rust.

Step 1

Push in on one side of the freeze plug with the screwdriver by tapping it with a hammer. The idea is to rotate the freeze plug while keeping it in the block so the plug can be removed with a pair of pliers. If it falls into the block, it can still be removed, but the process is more difficult. Place the screwdriver on the outermost part of the freeze plug and tap it gently to rotate it enough to grab it with the pliers.

Step 2

Grab the freeze plug with the pliers and rock it left and right while pulling until it comes out of the block.

Step 3

Coat the edge of the new freeze plug with shellac. Push the freeze plug straight into the hole and tap it gently around the circumference to hold it in place.

Step 4

Insert the installer socket with the extension in the center of the freeze plug and tap it in. Keep the plug straight and stop when the edge of the freeze plug is 1/16 of an inch below the block housing.

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