How to Remove a Fat Boy Gas Tank

by Nathaniel Miller

The Harley-Davidson Fat Boy is a large cruiser motorcycle built for long trips and hauling passengers. The Fat Boy performs well under load and has a gas tank big enough to go on multiday trips. Sometimes you must remove the gas tank on the Fat Boy in order to access other engine parts or to drain the gas before winterizing the bike. Removing the Fat Boy gas tank is not difficult.

Reach under the right-hand side of the tank and make sure the gas valve is turned to the "Off" position. Use the pliers to slide off the retainer clips on the gas hoses attached to the petcock.

Pull the gas hoses off the petcock nozzles, and lay them to the side in the engine compartment. Use the socket wrench to remove the two mounting bolts on the underside of the tank holding it to the cross member of the motorcycle frame.

Pull back and upward on the tank to disengage it from its mounts and lift it off the motorcycle.


  • close Be extremely careful when transporting the tank so you don't hit or break the petcock or nozzles.

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