Harley Fatboy Battery Specs

by Pat Martin
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Harley Davidson of Ocean City, Maryland explains three types of batteries for the fatboy Harley Davidson motorcycle. The fatboy Harley motorcycle is a softail motorcycle, referring to the hidden shock absorbers on a family of Harley motorcycles. The Harley Davidson fatboy uses a different type of battery depending on when the motorcycle was manufactured. Older batteries were filled with battery acid. New batteries are gel filled and factory sealed.

Fatboy Harley Davidson Motorcycle

From a backyard shed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, William S. Harley and childhood friend, Arthur Davidson with the help of Ole Evinrude, introduced the Harley Davidson motorcycle. First purchased by the police in 1907, Harley Davidson sustains brand loyalty through the Harley Owners Group (HOG) with more than 1,400 chapters worldwide. Harley Davidson released the silver "Fat Boy" named for the atomic bombs, "Fat Man" and "Little Boy" dropped on Nagasaki and Hirsoshima, in 1990. Harley Davidson differentiates motorcycles into five families: Touring, Softail, Dyna, Sportster and VRSC. The "Fat Boy" a softail family motorcycle has a V-shaped engine to generate high torque in the small engine. The V shape of the engine with the cylinders 45 degrees apart creates the distinctive Harley sound. The second spark plug of the Harley fires 315 degrees after the first spark plug fires. Electronic fuel injection was introduced in 1995.

Fatboy Battery Specifications

Harley Davidson manufactures the heavy duty sealed AGM V-Twin batteries for slightly under $100. Harley Davidson part number is 6598-97C. Replacement batteries are guaranteed for one year. Harley Davidson batteries resist vibration. The fatboy softail battery is a sealed lead-acid battery, valve regulated. The acid electrolyte is in gel or in a fiberglass background. The Harley fatboy battery is sealed for no-leaks and no-corrosion. The 12 volt, 19 amps/hour is 6.85 inches long, 3.9 inches wide and 6.06 inches high. The battery weighs 15.43 pounds. The sealed battery does not require maintenance and has a maximum power of 13 volts. The battery charges in three phases. The 38 amp system uses 439 watts and 13 volts of power. At 2,000 rpm the battery emits 489 watts of electricity. The battery is approved and meets or exceeds the International Battery Council specifications.


Harley Davidson of Ocean City, Maryland recommends storing the motorcycle during the winter and parking it in a garage or out of the rain to extend battery life. Attaching the battery to a battery charger, when the motorcycle is parked is another way to extend the life of the battery. Batteries may last six or seven years if kept adequately charged. According to Harley Davidson of Ocean City, Maryland, the battery tender, triple charger is best to charge the fatboy softail Harley Davidson motorcycle battery. The 12-Volt Battery Tender Plus charges true gel cell batteries.

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