Everstart ES 4-Lb. Battery Specs

by John Walker

Everstart batteries are manufactured by Johnson Controls Inc., specifically for Wal-Mart Stores Inc. The brand name offers automotive, lawn and garden, marine and recreational vehicle batteries. The ES4LBS is a recreational vehicle battery used in several types of motorcycles, ATVs and watercraft. The battery requires some maintenance and setup prior to use.


The ES4LBS stands 3 3/8 inches tall, 2 3/16 inches deep and 4 1/2 inches wide. The overall weight of the battery is 2.9 lbs. with 35 cold-cranking amps. The battery fits into most motorcycles; however, consult the owner's manual for the specifications needed to start your vehicle. The positive terminal sits on the top right-hand side of the battery as you look at the front. The terminals use a bolt inserted into them to secure any battery cables. The bolt is supplied with the batteries but can be purchased separately if necessary.


Wal-Mart used to offer a 90-day free replacement warranty with a pro-rated period of one year on all lawn mower and motorcycle batteries. The majority of motorcycle batteries last for one to two years without issue, according to Wal-Mart personnel. The life span of the battery pushes it beyond the warranty period. As of December 2010, the company no longer offers a warranty on the lawn mower or motorcycle batteries, but it does provide free testing and charging at every Wal-Mart location that houses a Tire and Lube Express.


Initial maintenance on the battery is very important. The battery is sold with the acid necessary to maintain the unit, but you must pour the acid into the battery. Follow the instructions carefully to do so. Use a funnel while pouring into the individual chambers to avoid spilling. Remove the vent port, a hole on the side of the battery capped with a red, rubber cap, before charging with a trickle charger. Allow the battery to fully charge before using. Replace the vent cap after charging and before installing on the vehicle. Store the battery in a cool, dry environment. Do not leave the battery connected to the vehicle during long-term storage. Charge weekly regardless of the frequency of use to prolong the life span of the battery.

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