How to Compare FVP Batteries to Other Auto Batteries

by John Walker
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Automotive batteries are all virtually the same. Manufacturers use slightly different materials or modifications to standard layout of the internal elements, but the end results are similar. You have options for normal liquid-cell batteries, which are the most common, or high-priced gel-cell batteries. Gel-cell batteries use a gel to hold electrical charge making them better in extreme cold weather or installed in odd angles. Otherwise, gel-cell batteries and liquid-cell batteries are virtually identical. Comparing FVP batteries, a manufacturer of liquid-cell batteries, to other manufacturers requires looking at size, CCA/CA, and warranties.

Step 1

Measure the size of your existing FVP battery. Measure the height, width, and depth of the battery. Write down the measurements and the location of the positive terminal, such as front-right as you look at the battery.

Step 2

Write down the CCA, CA, and warranty. CCA is the cold-cranking amps or how many amps are applied when cold-starting the vehicle. The CA is the cranking amps used when warm-starting the vehicle. The warranty will be listed with a free-replacement period and a prorated replacement period.

Step 3

Visit several auto shops. Compare the CCA, CA, and warranties for any batteries that are equal in size or smaller with the positive terminal located on the same corner. The best replacement battery for the FVP battery is one with an equal or better warranty with equal or larger CCAs and CAs. The overall size does not matter as long the replacement battery is equal or smaller than the original.

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