How to Remove a Dodge Caravan Cowl

by Christian Killian

If you need to access the windshield wipers linkage or washer hoses, you must remove the cowl from your Dodge Caravan. The cowl is attached with a few screws and nuts. Removal is easy and allows you access to the components underneath. The process takes just a few minutes with a few common had tools, most of which you probably already have in the garage. Replacement cowls are available through the dealer should yours become damaged.


Lift the cap on the end of the wiper arm where fit connects to the van. Locate the nut under the cover and remove it with a wrench.


Position a two-jaw puller on the wiper arm. Turn the screw with a socket and ratchet to apply pressure to the arm. Continue turning the screw until the arm comes loose from the stud. Repeat this process for the opposite wiper arm.


Locate and remove the screws holding the cowl to the wiper module with a Phillips screwdriver. Disengage the quarter turn fasteners on the outer ends of the cowl with a screwdriver.


Raise the hood of the van and locate the wing nuts along the front edge of the cowl. Remove them with your hands or a small wrench if needed. Lower the hood but do not latch it.


Remove the outer screws at the far ends of the cowl with a screwdriver. Lift the cowl high enough to access the washer hoses under the cowl. Remove the hose from the left washer nozzle by pulling it straight off the fitting.


Remove the washer hose from the right nozzle, pulling it off the fitting under the nozzle. Lift the cowl off the van.

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