How to Remove a Dent Using a Plunger

by Launie Sorrels
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There are several products on the market that can be used to repair dents. Some of these products are safer to use on your car than others. Taking a car to the mechanic is always expensive, but always a sure way to get the dent removed properly. Some dents can be removed very easily and inexpensively from the comforts of home. Grab that plunger out of the bathroom and put it to good use.

Step 1

Clean and dry the dent.

Step 2

Position the plunger over the dent. Pump the plunger a couple of times. This allows the plunger to create suction. Pull slightly on the plunger to determine the amount of suction created. The greater the suction generated, the better chance of this technique working.

Step 3

Pull on the plunger. Don't be afraid to pull hard. Metal needs to be manipulated, so be unyielding.

Step 4

If you aren't successful the first time, repeat.

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