How to Remove a Corvette Seat Cushion

by Casey Holley

If the seats in your Corvette look worn or if they are damaged, you may want to reupholster them. In order to remove the seat cushion, you have to remove the entire seat from the car. Doing this is a two person job as the seats are bulky and the sharp edges may damage the car’s paint, accessories or other upholstery.


Locate the seat bolts that hold the seat to the floor board. There are four to six bolts on each front seat and 4 to 12 bolts on the rear seat.


Spray lubricating or penetrating oil on each bolt to make it easier to remove. Start doing this daily three to four days prior to attempting to remove the seat.


Use a 3/8 inch socket to undo the bolts. If they are stuck, use vise grips to hold the nut in place. Take the seat out of the car with the aid of your helper. Take care not to scratch or cut anything with the seat tracks, as they are very sharp. Lay the seat on the ground with the bottom of the seat facing out so you can work on it.


Remove the bolts from the seat tracks using a 3/8 inch socket with a ¼ inch drive. Remove the front bolts first. Slide the track backwards to access the rear bolts. Keep an eye on the area where the bolts are and stop sliding the track when the bolts are visible through the rear hole. Remove these bolts and pull the track off. Repeat on the remaining tracks.


Look for the junction of the seat and seat back. You will see two attachment screws. Remove these using a Phillips screwdriver. Remove the bolts that hold down the hinge. On some models, you will also see seat clips. For these models, you must remove the bezel and remove the bolts prior to taking the seat apart.


Pull up the upholstery at the top of the seat back or the front of the seat bottom until you can see the latch assembly. You will find two bolts at the top of this assembly that must be removed. Also, you will have to remove the screws in the middle and at the bottom of the assembly. Remove the assembly.


Unfasten the seat cushion frame. Pull each clip with using a flathead screwdriver. While the clip is up, gently remove the fabric. Continue doing this until you have all the fabric off the cushion.


Grasp the seat cushion and pull up gently to remove it from the seat. In some models, the cushion may be glued to the seat. If this occurs, take care that you don’t rip too much of the cushion off.


  • check If you are removing more than one cushion, use a marker or chalk to label the location of each cushion. Do this for the fabric too if you are using the fabric as a pattern.

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