How to Remove a Chrysler LeBaron Transmission

by Cayden Conor

The transmission in the Chrysler LeBaron can be removed separately from the engine, but to keep from damaging the drive plate and oil seal, the transmission and torque converter must be removed as a unit. The drive plate will not support any weight, so it must be disconnected from the converter before you move the transmission away from the engine. You might have to remove the transmission to have it rebuilt, or to simply replace the front seal or the rear seal on the engine.

Disconnect the negative battery cable. Set it aside, ensuring that it does not touch metal. Loosen the hub nut and lug nuts on the wheels, using the lug wrench, but do not remove them. Jack up the vehicle, using the floor jack, then support it with jack stands. Remove the hub nut, lug nuts and the wheels.

Remove the cotter pins in the axles, using the wire cutters. Remove the nut locks, using the appropriate socket. Loosen the axle hub nuts. Remove the axle nuts and the spring washers, using the appropriate socket. Disconnect the throttle and shift linkage from the transmission, using the screwdriver and appropriate socket.

Slide the drain pan under the transmission. Disconnect the upper and lower oil cooler hoses, using the appropriate line wrench. If your LeBaron has a lock-up converter, unplug the wiring harness connector, located near the dipstick.

Install the engine hoist on the engine. Remove the upper bolts on the bellhousing, using the appropriate socket. Remove the left splash shield and left engine mount from the transmission, using the appropriate sockets.

Remove both halfshafts (see Resources for link to pictures). Slide the floor jack under the transmission and raise it high enough to touch the bottom of the transmission. Remove the dust cover from under the torque converter. Remove the access plug in the right splash shield, using the appropriate socket. Match-mark the torque converter and the drive plate to ensure that they are installed in line.

Rotate the engine, using the flexplate turning tool or a socket on the snout of the crankshaft until you can see one of the torque converter bolts through the access port. Remove the bolt, using a socket. Repeat until all torque converter bolts have been removed.

Unplug the neutral safety/backup light switch wiring harness connector. Remove the engine mount bracket from the front crossmember, using the appropriate wrench. Slide one of the floor jacks under the front of the transmission, if one is not placed there already. Place the other floor jack under the rear of the transmission. Raise both jacks until they are touching the transmission. Do not support it on its oil pan.

Remove the front engine mount through-bolt. Remove the long through-bolt from the left engine mount. Unplug the starter's wiring harness connector. Remove the power wire to the starter, using the appropriate wrench. Place the nut for the power wire back on the stud, so that you don't lose it. Remove the starter, using the appropriate socket.

Remove the rest of the bellhousing bolts. Pry the transmission away from the engine, making sure that the torque converter clears the drive plate. Lower the transmission and roll it out from under the vehicle.

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