How to Remove a Chevy Oil Pan

by Jennifer T

"Like a rock" is Chevy's famous slogan that describes their vehicles' toughness and durability. Every Chevy has major and minor components. For instance, the motor is a major component while the oil pan is a minor one. The oil pan is considered minor only because it is not needed for the car to run, but without the oil pan, the vehicle cannot hold oil, and without oil, the engine will eventually break down.

Park the vehicle and wait for the engine to cool down.

Jack the vehicle up at a jack point, usually found at the bottom of the front door on either side. There will be a steel reinforcement area plainly detected by feel and sight that represents the jack point.

Place jack stands under the car on separate sides of the vehicle.

Lay a section of newspaper and a drip pan under the oil pan towards the front middle part of the car. The oil pan is located between the two front tires, is square in shape and has a distinctive bolt sticking out of it. There will also be oil residue around the pan.

Lay another section of newspaper slightly to the side of the pan. You will see 1/2-inch bolts around the pan. Remove them one at a time with a socket wrench. As you are removing them, you will notice oil dripping; continue removing the bolts while letting the oil drip into the catch pan. Once you unscrew the last bolt, the pan will come off completely.


  • check Cut openings in a 30 gallon trash bag and use it as plastic shirt to help catch oil that may drip on your shirt.


  • close Place bricks behind the back tires to prevent rolling.

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