How to Drop the Oil Pan in a Mitsubishi Eclipse

by Editorial TeamUpdated November 07, 2017

Items you will need

  • Jack and jack stands

  • Wrench

  • Oil drip pan

How to Drop the Oil Pan in a Mitsubishi Eclipse. The Mitsubishi Eclipse has been produced since 1990 and continues to be produced in its current, fourth generation. The most common Eclipse is the 2.4L engine models from years 2000 through 2005. The oil pan in these vehicle may crack or break after extensive damage which may require them to be replaced.

Place the Eclipse on a flat surface safe to work on. Use a jack to raise the vehicle and support using jack stands, according to the jack stand manufacturer's directions for safety.

Position an oil drip pan under the oil pan. The oil pan is located between the tires of the vehicle, on the bottom portion of the engine.

Use a wrench to unscrew the oil drain bolt located at the back of the oil pan, pointing to the rear of the vehicle. Removing this bolt will allow the engine oil to drain from the oil pan into the oil drip pan below. Allow to drain fully then replace the oil drain bolt.

Remove the engine dipstick and tube assembly, located under the vehicle next to the oil pan. Use a wrench to disconnect the front exhaust pipe and the bell housing inspection cover. Each of these is next to or over the top of the oil pan.

Unscrew each of the bolts holding the oil pan in place on the cylinder block, using a wrench. Once each bolt is loose, they will fall off and the oil pan assembly will fall off as well.


In the Eclipse 3.0L engine, drain the engine oil then remove the front exhaust pipe followed by the lower oil pan (there are two oil pans in this engine size). Discard the gasket and replace with a new one. To remove the upper oil pan, you will need to remove the engine oil dipstick and the guide assembly followed by the starter.

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