The Location of the Knock Sensor on a Chevrolet Truck

by Cayden Conor

All fuel-injected Chevrolet trucks with gas engines (as opposed to diesel engines) use a knock sensor. The knock sensor sends a signal to the PCM (the truck engine's computer) to tell the computer about ignition timing. The knock sensor uses two flat-response two-wire sensors. They produce voltage based on engine vibration and noise level. If the sensor detects pinging (cylinder knock caused by pre-detonation), it tells the computer to adjust the ignition timing to reduce or eliminate pinging.

Step 1

Jack the Chevrolet truck up and support it with jack stands.

Step 2

Remove the driver's side wheel using the lug wrench.

Step 3

Reach through the wheel well into the engine, just above and to the left of the oil filter housing, and just below the third cylinder from the front of the engine. Place your fingers on the wiring harness connector on the side of the block. This is the knock sensor.

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