How to Drop the Oil Pan in a Jeep Grand Cherokee

by Editorial TeamUpdated November 07, 2017

Items you will need

  • Wrench

  • Engine lifting device

  • Oil drip pan

How to Drop the Oil Pan in a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The most common Jeep Grand Cherokee on the market are from model years 2005 to the present. These midsize SUVs are available in three engine types: the 3.7L engine, the 4.7L engine and the 5.7L engine. The directions on removing the oil pan here are for the 3.7L engine.

Pop the hood of the Grand Cherokee and locate the negative battery cable in the front of the vehicle, on the right-hand side. Use a wrench to disconnect the bolts holding the negative battery cable.

Remove the radiator fan and the intake manifold using a wrench. Install an engine-lifting device, such as the Tool 8534 or an equivalent to it. Do not raise the engine at this point. Locate and remove the structural covering located under the vehicle. There are three bolts to remove from the covering using a wrench.

Disconnect and remove the left and the right side engine mount through bolts, located on the engine itself. Use a wrench to unscrew these and set aside.

Raise the engine using the lifting device installed on the engine. Follow the manufacturer's warnings for using this device properly including placement of device, proper installation of it and limitations.

Place an engine oil drip pan under the engine oil pan and use a wrench to unscrew the oil drain plug, located at the back of the oil pan, facing the back of the vehicle. Allow oil to drain from the oil pan into the drip pan until there is no longer any draining.

Unscrew each of the oil pan mounting bolts from around the outside of the oil pan. Each bolt is removed using a wrench. Secure the oil pan with one hand as the bolts are removed.

Unbolt the oil pump pickup tube after the oil pan is dropped. Inside, remove the tube and oil pan gasket from the engine. When replacing, replace with a new gasket.


In the Grand Cherokee 4.7L, install the engine support fixture tool 8534 or an equivalent right after unbolting the negative battery cable. Once in place, loosen the bolts on the left and right side of the engine mount through bolts. The bolts do not need to be removed. Remove the structural dust cover and then drain the oil. When raising the engine, only raise is slightly to provide enough clearance to remove the oil pan.


Dropping the oil pan on a Jeep Grand Cherokee should be completed by those with experience using structural supports for the engine. Lifting device manufacturers place specific warnings and requirements on their devices. These vary by manufacturer and are located in the device's owner's manual.

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