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How to Remove the Center Console in a Silverado

by Robert Moore

The center console in your 2011 Chevy Silverado is held in place not only by bolts, but by the driver and passenger seats as well. The console may look like it is part of the dash, but that is a visual trick made possible by the close-fitting trim panels. To prevent accidental airbag discharge, you must disconnect your Silverado's battery and wait the prescribed time before starting this procedure.


Step 1

Connect a memory saver unit to your Silverado according to its manufacturer's instructions. If you don't have a memory saver unit, see the "Tips" section before continuing. Disconnect the negative battery cable with a socket and ratchet. Wait a minimum of 10 minutes before continuing.

Step 2

Remove the seatbelt access panel on the driver seat, using a plastic trim removal tool. Remove the bolt for the seatbelt, then remove the seatbelt from the seat. Slide the seat all the way forward. Pry away the track bolt covers, if equipped. Remove the rear track bolts. Slide the seat to the full rearward position and remove the front track bolts. Disconnect the wiring harness from the seat, then remove the seat from your Silverado. Repeat this step for the passenger seat.

Step 3

Reach under the dash and grasp the very front of one side of the center console. Give the panel a quick tug to remove the trim panel. Repeat this for the other side of the center console.

Pry around the edges of the top bezel. Lift the bezel away from the center console. Disconnect the wiring connectors from the center console. Look down into the console and find the bolts that secure the console to the instrument panel. Remove the bolts. Lift the console and remove it from your Silverado.


Step 1

Guide the center console into your Silverado and align the front mounting holes with the holes in the instrument panel. Install the bolts and snug them. Connect all wiring connectors to their respective components. Press-fit the top bezel to the center console.

Step 2

Align the clips on the front console panels with the holes in the center console. Press the panels into place. The panels sit flush with the console when properly installed.

Step 3

Place the passenger seat into your Silverado. Connect the wiring connectors. Install the front track bolts and tighten them to 66 foot-pounds, using a torque wrench. Slide the seat to the full forward position. Install the rear bolts and tighten them to 41 foot-pounds. Guide the end of the seatbelt through the slit in the seat and align the eyelet with the belt mounting hole on the seat frame. Install the bolt and tighten it to 33 foot-pounds. Press fit the seatbelt access panel to the seat. Repeat this step for the driver seat.

Connect the negative battery cable. Tighten the terminal bolt to 13 foot-pounds. Disconnect the memory saver unit from your Silverado according to its manufacturer's instructions.


  • A memory saver device keeps the memories of your radio and on-board computer system functioning during a battery disconnect. If you don't use one, your engine will idle erratically and the transmission may shift harshly for a short period of time until the computer system finishes the relearn process. Drive as you normally would during this time. You'll also need your radio's security code to unlock the radio. This code is on a card that is often stored with the owner's manual. If you cannot locate your security code, contact your local dealer to obtain it, or use a memory saver.

Items you will need

  • Memory saver unit
  • Socket set
  • Ratchet
  • Plastic trim removal tool
  • Torque wrench

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