How to Remove Your Car's Fuel Tank

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Knowing how to replace the fuel pump in your vehicle can save you time, money and the hassle of taking your vehicle to a professional mechanic. The first step in replacing the pump is removing the fuel tank. This is a two-person job, but it can be done in a short amount of time with limited tools.

Secure the car on a set of jack stands or an automotive lift. You will need a second jack for supporting the fuel tank while removing the straps. Once the car is secured, center a second jack or support under the fuel tank.

Break loose the bolts that hold the straps. There are usually two straps that hold the tank in place, flush against the frame of the car. Undo only one side of the straps, on the same side. This will keep one side of the straps secure.

Place your hands securely under one side of the tank, while another person does the same on the other side. Once you have a firm hold of the fuel tank, move the support from under it and lower the tank to the ground. Now you have access to the fuel pump and can replace it.


  • check Wear gloves whenever dealing with fuel chemicals or additives. This is especially important if you have children, as you can expose them to the harsh chemicals in fuel and fuel additives.

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