How to Take a Toyota Corolla Gas Tank Off

by Gregory Crews

The first step in replacing your fuel pump or replacing the fuel tank is removing the existing tank. You'll also need to remove the tank if you're attempting to repair the gas gauge. The fuel tank on your Toyota Corolla consists of the fuel pump, the fuel sending unit and a strainer. The fuel tank has to come off to be able to access these components for replacement or repair.

Step 1

Jack up the back end of the car. You'll need the clearance for room to remove the fuel tank.

Step 2

Evacuate the fuel from the gas tank. There's a plug on the bottom of the gas tank. Remove the plug with a half-inch socket wrench.

Step 3

Locate the straps holding the fuel tank. There are two straps running from front to back.

Step 4

Loosen the first strap with a socket wrench. The bolts are tightened into the vehicle cross-members. There are two bolts for each side of the strap. Do not remove this yet.

Step 5

Loosen the second strap. Do not remove it yet.

Step 6

Place a second jack under the fuel tank. Elevate the jack till it's touching the bottom of the tank.

Step 7

Remove the straps. The tank should be resting on the jack.

Step 8

Lower the jack slowly until the fuel pump wires are accessible. You should be able to remove the wires by unplugging them at the top of the tank.

Step 9

Remove the tank from underneath the vehicle. Lower the car from the jack until the tank is ready to install.

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