How to Remove the Gas Tank in an F150

by Jennifer T
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The F-150 has been a top selling brand for decades. Its stylish body shape paired with its rugged capability is considered one of a kind. Trucks do tend to stand the test of time better than other vehicle types, but when repairs are necessary the parts are usually bigger and more expensive. In the case of the F-150 the parts are easily procured and replaced with basics tools and automotive education. Replacing a gas tank is not difficult, but can be risky because of the nature of the chemicals it stores.

Step 1

Park the vehicle in a dry and well-lit work area that has plenty of maneuvering space.

Step 2

Jack the F-150 up in the four designated places near each tire. Jacking up one area at a time, place jack stands under each area. Extend the jack stands to their highest point to maximize your work space under the vehicle. You will have suspended the vehicle in mid-air.

Step 3

Post your fire extinguisher in a easily accessible place in case of emergency. Locate the gas tank, which is at the rear of the truck in between the back tires. It is very large and reads. "Danger gas tank, flammable fluids inside." Drain the gasoline from the tank by removing the plug near the rear side of the tank. The plug will twist off with medium pressure applied.

Step 4

Place your hydraulic under the gas tank. Elevate the jack 3 inches from touching the middle of the tank. The jack is there to reduce the weight of the tank when you disconnect it.

Step 5

Lay down under the F-150 with yourself at one end of the tank and your assistant at the other end. With your bolt extractor, loosen the the two straps that are mounting the tank to the truck. The straps have a 7/8 bolts on each end, equaling four bolts.

Step 6

Wiggle the tank using both hands placed at each corner. The person closest to the front of the vehicle will be applying pressure to push the tank out towards the person in the rear. This will take some muscle, patience, and maneuvering, but the tank should come out safely. Let the tank rest on the hydraulic jack and guide it out from under the truck.

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