How to Remove the Cadillac STS Radio

by Russell Wood

The stock stereo in a Cadillac STS was considered a high-performance stereo when it was first introduced in the vehicle, but it still didn't have many features that can be found in today's aftermarket stereos. Some of those features include Bluetooth, navigation and HD Radio. If you want some of these features in your Cadillac STS, you need to install one of those aftermarket stereos in your car, and to do that, you need to remove the factory stereo.


Place the tips of your fingers in the gap between the black trim panel around the stereo and the dashboard, up at the top by the dash vents. Pull the panel toward you and unplug any wiring connected to the backside with your hands.


Unbolt the stereo and climate control panel from the dashboard using the 1/4-inch ratchet and socket. Pull the panel toward you and reach around the rear of the stereo to unplug the wiring connected to the assembly.


Unbolt the stock stereo from the climate control assembly using the 1/4-inch ratchet and socket. Then pull the radio away from the climate controls and put it to the side.

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