How to Remove a Bumper Cover

by Jenny Carver

Bumper covers are the plastic covers painted to match the vehicle. These parts are usually referred to as the bumper, but are actually hiding the real bumper underneath them. There is a bumper cover located in the front and rear of almost every type of vehicle. It needs to be removed for repairs, repainting or replacing it with a different style of bumper cover.

Open the hood (for front bumper covers) to remove the screws above the grille. Most front bumper covers reach up to under the edge of the hood and are attached by two to four screws. Rear bumper covers don't have these screws.

Locate the black plastic clips, which look like black plastic circles and are about the size of a quarter, along the inside edge or underneath the bottom of the bumper cover. Use a flat-head screwdriver to pry the center circle up. The center clip is actually snapped inside another black plastic circle. Pry the center up with a screwdriver. It should stay up.

Clip the stem of the center circle with small nippers to remove it. These clips will need to be replaced when replacing the bumper. If the clips are removed without cutting them, they still should not be reused because they will be loose and may cause the bumper cover to flap while driving.

Pull the bumper cover from the vehicle, making sure all plastic clips and screws have been removed. If the bumper cover will be reused without being repainted, lay it on a blanket or towel to prevent scratches.

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