How to Remove the Back Seat of a Ford Taurus

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Ford Taurus's fold-down rear seat has an easily removable cushion. The entire back seat assembly is also removable, but the procedure is a bit more difficult. The process won't take too long (estimated time: 15 minutes), but you will need a few tools and an assistant to help you remove the back seat. If you intend on reinstalling the back seat at a later time, simply reverse the procedure (install the seat assembly first, followed by the cushion).

Step 1

Push the back seat cushion toward the rear of the Taurus. While pushing it backward, lift the cushion up to unhook the two metal pins securing the cushion to the floorboard.

Step 2

Position the back seat cushion at a vertical angle, and then pull it out of the vehicle (you probably won't need help--the cushion is very light).

Step 3

Pull the tab on the side of the rear seat to lower the back part of the seat. Grasp the seat and fold it down onto the floorboard.

Step 4

Remove the seat bolts with a 10mm ratchet or wrench. There are four bolts in all: two on each side. These bolts will become visible when the seat is folded down onto the floorboard.

Step 5

Position the seat back in its normal position (vertical). With the help of an assistant, lift the rear seat assembly from the Taurus and carefully set it down outside the vehicle.

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