How to Register an Antique Vehicle

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If you drive a car over 25 years old, you may qualify for antique license plates. While every state has different requirements, there are a few general rules to follow when registering an antique vehicle. Follow the steps below to start the registration process.

Determine the age of the car. In most states, any vehicle over 25 years old is considered antique. However some states require more time and others require less time. Check your state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to determine how old your car must be to be considered antique.

Gather the necessary paperwork. When you go to register the antique vehicle bring the title and proof of insurance. You'll need both to get a valid license plate.

Pay any required fees. You must pay a fee to register your antique vehicle. The fee is different in every state. Look online or call the local DMV to learn the fees in your state.

Have the car inspected. Only a handful of states require inspections and emissions testing for antique vehicles. Find out if your state is one of these states before you register.

Renew on time. Once you have registered your antique vehicle, renew the tags according to the state's requirements. Some states require renewal every one to two years, while in other states you never have to renew antique tags.


  • check If you have the original license plates that were issued with the car, some states will let you use them. However special rules apply, so check with your DMV.
  • check Some states have a mileage requirement for antique vehicles. If you drive your antique vehicle every day to and from work, you may not be able to register it as an antique.

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