How to Redo a Car Interior

by Jenny Carver

The interior of a car is often the most overlooked area when it comes to customizing or redoing a car. You see the interior of the car more than you see the outside since you drive the car almost every day. If your car's interior is dull or uncomfortable to ride in, learn how to redo a car interior so you can ride in style and not get bored of seeing the same thing every single day.

Step 1

Use a red scuff pad to scuff up the dash, console and door panels so that they can be painted. You can also paint the pillars that go from the dash to the ceiling, the steering wheel and column, gauge cluster surround and shifter. The scuff pad removes the shiny surface and creates a rough surface for the paint to stick to. The end result will look like the original finish.

Step 2

Cover the seats with an old sheet and use paper and masking tape to cover glass and other accessories that won't be painted. Spray two coats of the Dupli Color interior paint onto the surfaces that are scuffed and prepared for paint. Allow the paint to dry completely before removing the masking tape or touching the paint.

Step 3

Cover the newly painted (but completely dried) dash and console with a sheet or newsprint. Place lightweight fabric on the ceiling against the headliner. Use masking tape to hold the fabric in place while you measure and mark the pattern of the existing headliner. Take the new fabric down, lay it on a flat surface and cut out the pattern, leaving a half inch of material outside of the pattern.

Step 4

Use spray glue to spray a medium coat of glue onto the backside of the new fabric. Allow the glue to sit for at least five minutes, or until it is tacky. Press the new fabric onto the headliner and smooth from the center. Tuck the extra half inch of material into the trim panel that is holding up the current headliner.

Step 5

Cover the seats with new seat covers in different colors to match the new paint and headliner. Seats make up a large part of the interior and changing their colors can make a big different in how the interior looks and feels.

Step 6

Install new molded carpet to replace worn carpet. Take out the seats be removing the four bolts holding each seat down. Loosen the console by removing the scews holding it into place. Remove the door sills and plastic trim panels along the floor of the car. Put the new carpet into place and then replace all of the screws and bolts. New floor mats can also make a difference on top of new carpet.

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