How to Recycle Car Parts

by Laura Rico

Used car parts may be cleaned up and resold or scrapped. Both are valid ways of recycling unwanted car parts. Aluminum and steel parts that can no longer be used should be taken to a scrap metal yard, where they will be melted down to be made into new metal products. Parts that are still in working condition can be sold at either a local used-parts retailer or through a website on which people sell automobile items, such as Rubber parts from the car can also be recycled.


Determine which used car parts can be used again and which must be scrapped. If a part is broken or in very poor shape, don't attempt to sell it.


Clean up any reusable parts so they look as new as possible.


Call a local owned used parts retailer and ask about selling or donating the items. If you can't find a retailer in the phone book or business directory, check out online sellers or auction sites like e-Bay. Websites may require photographs of items as well as a detailed description of the part's history and condition. Be honest.


Donate any parts that do not sell but are in working condition to a charitable organization that accepts such items. The charity will likely give you a receipt for a tax deduction. Find a local charity that accepts car parts by contacting the nearest United Way or other umbrella charity organization.


Take any parts that are unusable to a local recycling center that accepts scrap metal or an area scrap metal business. Some local governments offer a collection facility for recycling used car parts, or will collect them on scheduled dates. Contact city or county offices to find out what is available.


  • check If you are not sure if a part is reusable, get the opinion of a mechanic you trust.

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