Recommended Services for Mini Cooper Cars

by Erin Moseley

MINI Cooper cars have been around for over 50 years and in 2010 these cars still command a devoted following. The car company offers a substantial factory-recommended maintenance three-year or 36,000 mile Boot to Bonnet Maintenance Program that is free to customers. You’ll need to go to an authorized MINI car dealership to get the servicing and dealers are located across the country in case you require service when you travel.

Condition Based Servicing

MINI car servicing is based on how often and far you drive, and even depends on factors like road conditions that affect the way you drive your MINI. All data is monitored through software at the home company via on-board sensors to provide continuous feedback about the state of the vehicle. Your service display panel located on dash or the optional navigation system display will inform you when your MINI requires any servicing. The flashing numbers will indicate it's time for servicing. Just schedule an appointment with your dealer or a dealer within your traveling radius to have your car serviced. Additional checks will be made while the car is in for servicing. They’ll replace or top up fluids like engine oil, brake fluid and antifreeze, and thoroughly inspect the brake system for wear and tear. Brake pads and rotors will get replaced if necessary.


If at any time your brakes become less than optimal, the brake pad wear indicator warning light will come on. Sensors located on the right rear and left front axles on the break pads turn on warning lights when break pads reach the maximum lifetime period for wear. The warning light will continue to stay on until break pads are replaced and the sensor is reset.

Motor Oil

The MINI engine is designed to get the first engine oil change at 12,000 miles and at 20,000-mile intervals after that. You’re still required to go to a MINI dealer for the oil change if you don’t want to void the maintenance warranty. High performance synthetic 5W-30 is the preferred standard oil for MINI cars, with long-life LL-01 and approved synthetic oils used in the U.S. as acceptable substitutes. Your dealer will use suitable motor oil for your engine based on the climate conditions of the region where you normally drive.

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