Recommended Air Pressure for a Ford Ranger

by Geoffrey St. Marie

The Ford Ranger has gone through many different rebirths since its creation. During many of pickup truck's years of production, numerous different trims were also introduced. Finding the right tire pressure recommendations for your vehicle will require a little digging.


The proper air pressure for the tires in your Ranger will depend, first, on the year of production. Second, the air pressure will correlate to the power distribution to the wheels -- namely, whether the truck is two- or four-wheel drive. Other variations in model and cab length, tire size and the speed rating might also come into play.


The normal psi (pounds per square inch) pressure in your Ranger tires will be around 30 psi. You probably don't want it dropping below 28 psi. Some Ford models will call for 35 psi in either all four or two of the tires, but this usually occurs in sport models or when the bed is carrying heavy cargo. (The extra pressure would be in the rear wheels in the latter case.) Ford Motor Co. states that for some light trucks, such as the Ranger, higher psi levels (35 to 44) can lead to better fuel economy.

Safest Bet

The best option for you is to locate your Ranger's manual. If you've lost it, a copy of the manual can be usually be found online. This information can also be found on the interior of your driver's-side door frame on a sticker. The psi level will typically be the last line of data. Remember that the sticker may call for a cold measurement, meaning you haven't taken the truck out for a jog before running the test.

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