The Correct Tire Pressure of a Lexus ES350

by Jenny Landis-Steward

Driving your Lexus SE 350 with the correct air pressure in your tires gives you a smooth ride and the best gas mileage. Your tires will also wear longer, so you save money.

What Lexus Recommends

Check the sticker inside your door panel or in your owner's manual for the recommended pressure. It is 30 pounds per square inch, PSI, for all four tires. Measure the stem of each valve with a gauge to see that the pressure is the same on all four tires.

An Alternative Method

Put a straight line across the tread of each tire and then drive for a few rotations. Stop and check the chalk mark. If it has worn off in the middle, you have too much pressure in the tires. If it has worn off on the sides, inflate your tires. If the chalk is even all across, your tire pressure is spot on.

Lexus SE 350 Tire Pressure Sensors

When the pressure light on your dash board indicates you need to pay attention to your tires, make sure you check the air pressure of all five tires. Lexus includes the spare tire air pressure in the calculation. If your spare is flat, even though all four tires on the car are at 30 to 32 psi, the sensor alerts you.

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