The Best Rated Fifth Wheels

by Rebekah Worsham
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Fifth wheels, recreational vehicles that are designed to be towed courtesy of a special hitch and carried by truck, come in a variety of sizes, colors and designs. While each model has specific features that are available, some manufacturers receive higher ratings than others when it comes to style, value and durability.

Carriage Cameo

The Carriage Cameo received high marks from reviewers at JR Consumer Resources for its functionality, workmanship and style. The Carriage Cameo offers 13 individual floor plans, as well as features including exterior lengths ranging between 32 and 37.5 feet, and heights that range from 12 foot 8 inches to over 13 feet. Options for the Carriage Cameo vary according to floor plan desired, but can include refrigerators with ice makers, water purification systems, central vacuum systems and fireplaces. While prices vary based on retailer and floor plan selection, typical pricing as of October 2010 averaged $59,995 for a midsized model.

Gulf Stream Yellowstone Coach

Gulfstream's Yellowstone Coach offers five different floor plans and comes complete with name-brand appliances. The Yellowstone Coach offers options such as a built-in wine rack, professionally designed wallpaper and customized bedroom suites to suit the tastes of the buyer.The Gulf Stream Yellowstone comes in a variety of length options, which can be customized based on need and range from 30 to 37 feet. Little extras including French-style doors and large picture windows earned the Gulf Stream Yellowstone high ratings from RVing Planet. While pricing varies greatly based on options, size and retailer, typical prices as of October 2010 averaged $77,625.

Excel Limited Edition

Excel's Limited Edition fifth-wheel RV comes in four length options and 19 separate floor plan selections, and was rated as one of the top models on the market by Roaming Times. The Excel Limited Edition is available in lengths that range between 31 feet 11 inches and 37 feet 8 inches, and offers an exterior height of just over 12 feet. Options available when purchasing an Excel Limited Edition fifth-wheel RV include king-size suites, padded ceilings and cherrywood stained cabinets. Features of the Excel Limited Edition include Berber carpeting, recessed lighting and 32-inch HD LCD television. While pricing varies depending on retailer and floor plan, midsize models averaged $32, 500 as of October 2010.

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