Sunnybrook Travel Trailer Specs

by Kent Tukeli
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Travel trailers provide the ability to traverse long distances without leaving home. Selecting an appropriate size trailer depends on the nature of the trip and the size of the traveling group. Sunnybrook RV is a manufacturer of a series of different travel trailers, ranging from smaller Harmony models to expansive Titan and West Pointe trailers.

Interior, Awning, Furnace

The tallest awning on Sunnybrook trailers is the Harmony 285 FWRKS at 21 feet off the ground and the shortest awning measures 10 feet high, found on the Harmony 18 FB and 18 FBS. Harmony trailers also have the shortest interior height, measuring six feet four inches for the FB, FBS and THX models. Sunnybrook Titan trailers have the greatest interior height at eight feet three inches. Furnace size for Sunnybrook trailers ranges from 18,000,000 BTU found on FB, FBS and 249 THX models to 40,000,000 BTU for the Bristol Bay 3455 CK, 3505 RI and 3510 RE trailers.

Exterior Dimensions

Sunnybrook travel trailers have an exterior that measures a minimum of 18 feet 10 inches in length, 10 feet in height and seven feet six inches in width for the Harmony 18 FB and 18 FBS. The widest and longest trailer is the Titan 39 SURV, measuring eight feet six inches in width and 40 feet 10 inches in length. The tallest trailer is the West Pointe 3782 CK and 3738 SB, standing 13 feet 3.5 inches tall.

Water Capacity

Sunnybrook trailers have a maximum gray water of capacity of 90 gallons for West Pointe models and a minimum of 33 gallons for various Harmony and Brookside models. Brookside units feature the greatest black water capacity at 66 gallons while the Harmony FB, FBS and THX trailers have the least capacity measuring 25 gallons. Titan and West Pointe trailers feature the most fresh water storage at 98 gallons of capacity while the Harmony series have the least fresh water capacity at 43 gallons, excluding the 218 FWRLS and 285 FWRKS.

Sleeping Capacity and Weight

The minimum sleeping capacity for Sunnybrook travel trailers is four people for various models, including Harmony, Brookside, Bristol Bay, Titan and West Pointe units. Maximum standard sleeping space for Sunnybrook trailers is 10 people for the Edgewater, Sunset Creek and Brookside models. Bristol Bay and Titan have the option of expanding sleeping space to fit up to 11 individuals. The West Point 3782 CK has the largest dry hitch weight, measuring 3,126 lbs. and the smallest dry hitch weight is 353 lbs. for the Harmony 20 FB. The Harmony 18 FB has the least dry gross weight at 3,400 lbs. while the largest measures 14,718 lbs. for the West Pointe 3782 CK.

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