1995 Dutchmen Travel Trailer Specifications

by Ekaete Bailey
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Some 1995 Dutchmen travel trailers are still on the market today. Searching used RV lots and the Internet can help locate one of these well-loved RVs. In 1995, Dutchmen manufactured over 20 different travel trailer models. There are several specifications, and features that are common to all 1995 Dutchmen travel trailers.

Floor Plan and Interior

The 1995 Dutchmen travel trailers came in a variety of floor plans, ranging from 18-foot trailers to 35-foot trailers. Some 1995 Dutchmen trailers offered slide-out units, making them even larger when set up. Each model included a bedroom, living room, eating area and bathroom. Many 1995 models also came equipped with a residential-sized kitchen sink, queen-size bed, mini blinds, a television shelf and power outlet in the bedroom area.


Standard exterior specifications for every 1995 Dutchmen model included: Cambered frames to counteract sag and droop; a wood roof decking running the full length of the trailer, a Durashell vinyl roof covering and quality silicone caulk and foam tape. The 1995 Dutchmen brochure specifies that their trailers do not use any putty tape. Each model also came with a color-coded awning that could be rolled out as needed.


According to an advertisement for used 1995 26U Dutchmen, this trailer has the capacity to hold six people; however; a 1995 product brochure states that it could only sleep two people comfortably. Certainly there is room in the living room area for someone to sleep on the couch, but Dutchmen advises in their specifications that most of their 1995 trailers only have the capacity to sleep two to three people, depending on size.


Each 1995 Dutchmen travel trailer came with an AM/FM cassette stereo; a microwave oven; a double door refrigerator; an oven and stove; Radius Entry Doors; a 13,500 BTU air conditioner, ceiling-ducted air; an electric or gas water heater; a 45 amp converter and floor circulation for the summer months.

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