1984 Shasta Motorhome Specifications

by Ana Purna

Shasta is a brand of recreational vehicles including travel trailers, fifth wheels and motor homes. The 1984 Shasta motor homes came in class A or class C editions. Class A motor homes are generally larger and more elaborate. Class C were considered "mini" motor homes, and were constructed over a regular van frame. Class A motor homes have a flat or slightly angled nose section and large windows on three sides of the cab. Class C versions have an extended nose in the front, and a cab design similar to a pickup truck. 1984 Shasta motor homes were produced by the Coachmen Recreational Vehicle Company as part of their Tuff-Lite series.

Drive and Structure

The 1984 Shasta class A motor home came with two options of chassis, Chevrolet or GMC, and large 454 V8 engine to handle the load. All models came with automatic transmission, a tilted steering wheel, power steering and power brakes. The body of the Shasta class A was designed in what Shasta called a "five-section western wall laminated construction," referring to the five layers of lining and insulation that make up the walls of the living space. The 1984 edition has walls comprised of interior paneling, polystyrene foam insulation, studding, a 3-ply luan (similar to plywood) barrier, and fiberglass exterior. The entire structure has a reinforced steel frame for safety and security while moving.

Dimensions and Exterior

The Shasta motor homes of 1984 came in 27-, 30- and 33-foot long editions. A 35-inch slanted windshield gave the Shasta class A better aerodynamics and improved gas mileage over previous flat-front editions. A single-panel reflective aluminum roof was designed to keep the motor home well insulated and dry in any weather.

Additional Features

Shasta's 1984 motor homes came with plush carpeting throughout the interior, and a fully insulated floor. A galvanized underbelly topped with polystyrene foam and a chipboard top made for an insulated, comfortable floor. Both class C and class A motor homes include full bathroom with toilet and shower.

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