How to Refinish Boat Interior Woodwork

by Mark O'Brien
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Most boats just have synthetic wood or plastic as its base boards and for interior coverings. More elegant and beautiful boats will have real interior woodwork and wood floors. All the fresh or salt water, sun and weathering can really take a toll on boat woodwork. You shouldn't just cover up the beautiful woodwork, rather simply restore it and protect it for life.

Step 1

Sand all the interior woodwork on your boat with the sand paper. Sand the wood in the direction of the wood grain. This will not only buff away any blemishes in the wood, but it will also prep the wood grains for max absorption of the wood sealer.

Step 2

Dampen a rag and wipe down the entire surface of the woodwork to remove any wood dust and debris. Allow it to dry for an hour.

Step 3

Purchase epoxy fortified wood sealer. Epoxy fortified wood sealer is a waterproof sealer used to prevent mold, algae and water damage on the wood in boats.

Step 4

Paint a thin coat of the epoxy fortified wood sealer over the entire wood surface. Allow it to dry for 12 hours. Apply another thin coat and let it dry for another 12 hours.

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