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Specs for the Fleetwood Wilderness

by Donna Armstrong

The Fleetwood Wilderness is a line of travel trailers and fifth wheels. Because there are many models, the specifications vary, however there are some similarities and ranges that apply to the entire Wilderness line.

Basic Measurements

All the models in the Wilderness line are 31 feet 11 inches to 39 feet 9 inches long and are 12 feet 6 inches high. The gross weight of these vehicles range from 11,600 to 15,000 lbs.

Water Capacity

The water capacity specifications for all Wilderness models are the same. They hold 50 gallons of fresh water, 40 gallons of grey water, and 40 gallons of black water.

Sleeping Specifications

The Wilderness series of travel trailers and RVs sleep between four and six people. Some models are equipped with slide out walls that add extra sleeping and dinning areas.


There are two types of tires used in the Wilderness series; the ST235/80R 16D and the LT235/85R 16G.


All wilderness models come with an AM/FM stereo with CD player, six-gallon propane water heater, cable and satellite TV hook ups and a water heater by-pass.


These travel trailers have built-in carbon monoxide, propane and smoke alarms. And each one comes with a fire extinguisher.

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