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by Ann Salter
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Freight trailers come in a variety of sizes and types to accommodate the needs of a wide range of products being shipping across the country. Founded in 1900 as a small steel-manufacturing company, Great Dane Trailers, Inc. now manufactures a wide line of trailers, including refrigerated trailers, dry freight trailers and platform trailers from their seven manufacturing plants across the United States.

Refrigerated Trailers

Great Dane produces three refrigerated trailer models: the Classic Truckload, the Classic Multi-Temp and the Super Seal Truckload. All three trailers feature controlled temperature compartments and 1.5 to 4 inches of urethane insulation, though only the Classic Multi-Temp is divided into as many as three controlled temperature units to accommodate a variety of shipping products. The Classic Multi-Temp trailer comes in lengths between 28 and 53 feet, while Great Dane only provides the Classic Truckload and the Super Seal Truckload in larger lengths between 48 feet and 53 feet.

Dry Freight Trailers

Great Dane’s line of enclosed, dry-freight trailers consists of fives models: Classic Dry Freight, i-Van, P-Series, P-101, SSL and The Composite. The Classic Dry Freight trailer comes in lengths between 28 and 57 feet, while the rest of the trailers feature an overall length between 48 and 53 feet. The Classic Dry Freight trailer features block foam insulation, and the i-Van comes with polyurethane insulation, while the other three trailers come uninsulated. The SSL features a distinct single-sided laminate interior lining and the P-101 comes standard with a snag-free interior lining to resist damage.

Platform Trailers

Seven models of uncovered trailers make up Great Dane’s platform designs: GP, GPL, GPD, GPDL, Freedom, Sentry and MXP-120. The G series of platform trailers are available in shorter lengths, between 28 and 53 feet, while the remaining three trailers measure either 48 or 53 feet long. The platform trailers come in a range of all-steel, aluminum/steel combinations or all-aluminum components. The light-weight MXP-120, an all-aluminum trailer, weighs nearly 1,000 pounds less than a comparable combination aluminum/steel trailer, without sacrificing its ability to handle heavy-duty loads.


Great Dane trailers come with CorroGuard, a corrosion- and impact-resistant surface treatment applied to all trailer underbody components. CorroGuard also protects against de-icing chemicals, severe temperatures and road debris. Great Dane states it does not peel, crack or flake, even in harsh environments. Great Dane’s refrigerated and dry covered trailers also feature PunctureGuard, a system of protective liners and scuffbands for the trailers’ interior walls. According to Great Dane, PunctureGuard liners reduce maintenance costs, and appear glossy and smooth, providing an easy-to-clean interior surface.

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