How to Purchase an In Car Breathalyzer or Ignition Interlock

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More states are beginning to require in car breathalizers for people convicted of multiple DUI or DWIs. Missouri has recently passed such a mandatory requirement for second offenders. However, personal breathalyzers for automobiles may be appropriate for personal use as well. Many parents, businesses, or even school districts may be benefit from private breathalyzers that only enable a vehicle to run once the breathalyzer receives a sample with alcohol content below that set in the machine.

If your shopping for a breathalyzer Ignition Interlock due to a court order then you already know that you need one and probably the exist model required. Follow the court order, or other government agency's instructions precisely, and don't try to trick the breathalyzer. Some types of interlocks will require a test before starting the car and while the car is driving. If the driver fails the breathalyzer while driving a car alarm will go off and will not stop until the car stops.

If you're looking into a breathalyzer as a parent, private company, or branch of the government you have greater flexibility in your choice and therefore need more information. And, with all things price is a major consideration. Auto breathalyzers range from a few hundred dollars to over $1000. But, keep in mind that you will also likely have to pay installation fees and replacement mouth pieces.

You'll also want to consider what alcohol limit, if programmable, that will disallow the ignition system. In many states it is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content over .08. However, many in car breathalyzers are set at a much lower level. It is important to also remember that a test on a private breathalyzer will not get you out of a DUI or DWI based on its reading.

Other features to consider are access to any recordings the breathalyzer may produce, the ease of maintenance, and whether any alarms are set off with a failed breathalyzer test. Also, keep in mind that some cars are already being manufactured with ignition interlock systems installed, specifically SAAB and Volvo.

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