How to Get Public Access to Wholesale Auto Auctions

by Louis Gutierrez

Wholesale auto auctions sell cars to car dealers so they can resell them to consumers. For this reason, most wholesale auto auctions only sell cars to licensed dealers. Occasionally, the auction houses cannot sell their inventory to car dealers and end up hosting public auctions to try to sell the cars directly to consumers. While getting access to a public auction is easy, knowing how to find them and contact them can be difficult if you have never dealt with an auto auction company. With the right directions, you will be able to find public wholesale auctions and how to attend them.

Contact your local wholesale auto auction company. Ask them if they have any public auctions coming up. Ask them what you need to attend that day. Most auction houses will require you bring a cashier's check, drivers license and other contact information.

Visit Manheim Public Auctions listings. You can view the inventory online for the auction by clicking on the link under "Inventory." Call the contact number for the auction you are interested in attending. Ask what you need to bring the day of the auction.

Contact Copart's Member Services department by phone or email them. Ask them if they are having any public auctions and what you need to bring the day of the auction. The Member Services department might refer you to each local auction house's phone number, as you might need to contact them directly.


  • check If you want to attend a dealers-only auction, you can attend one with a licensed dealer. Look for an auto auction broker who will go with you to the auction and charge you a fee to use their license to buy the car.

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