How to Program a 1997 Honda Accord SE Keyless Entry Remote

by Tara Kimball

If you lose the keyless entry remote for your Honda Accord SE, dealership replacement and programming can be cost prohibitive. You can order keyless entry remotes from an auto parts retailer or an online outlet and program the remotes at home, saving a substantial amount of money and allowing you to add as many as three remotes to your car's keyless entry system.

Unlock all the doors of your Accord SE. Sit in the driver's seat and close the door.

Insert the key into the ignition. Turn the key to "ON" then press the "LOCK" button on the remote. Turn the ignition key "OFF."

Turn the key to "ON" and then press the "UNLOCK" button on the remote. Turn the ignition key "OFF" again.

Turn the ignition key "ON" then press the "LOCK" button on the remote again. Turn the key "OFF."

Turn the ignition back to the "ON" setting. Press the "UNLOCK" button on the remote. Listen for the door locks to unlock and lock, alerting you that the system is now in programming mode.

Press the "LOCK" button on the remote. The door locks will function to confirm the programming of the remote. Press the "LOCK" button of any additional remotes within 10 seconds. You can program up to three keyless entry remotes on your Accord SE.

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