How to Program Mercedes Garage Door Opener

by Daniel Biczyk

Many Mercedes-Benz automobiles are equipped with HomeLink, which enables owners to program up to three electronic devices (such as a garage door or gate) per car. This eliminates the need to carry up to three separate remote controls and the possibility of losing one. If owners still decide to use the original remote(s), then HomeLink provides a backup in case of battery failure.

Gather all the remote controls to be programmed.

Visit the HomeLink programming site (

Input the information to be programmed, including year, make and model of your car.

HomeLink will provide you with a video of the instructions to program the devices. This video is downloadable to an iPod, so you can watch the video and perform the necessary steps.


  • check If the programming methods described by HomeLink do not work, a certified Mercedes-Benz dealer will be able to program the device for you.


  • close Be sure to test and re-test HomeLink. Make sure the devices work as intended before storing the remotes outside of the vehicle.

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