How to Program a Jeep Liberty Universal Garage Opener

by Christian Killian
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Programming the Home Link transmitter in the Jeep Liberty is a quick and easy task that you can do in just a couple of minutes. The Home Link system that is offered in the Liberty can control your automatic garage door and replace the stock wireless opener that came with the door. You will never have to look for the opener again because you can now control the garage door from a button built right into your Jeep. You must train the system to use it, so follow the steps here to get your Home Link programmed.

Step 1

Turn the ignition of your Jeep Liberty to the "On" position. The Jeep does not have to be running, but the switch must stay on during the programing.

Step 2

Hold the original transmitter 1 to 3 inches from the Home Link button that you wish to use for your door opener. Hold the transmitter so that the battery side of the unit is pointed away from the Home Link button for best communication between the units.

Step 3

Press and hold the Home Link button and the button on your transmitter simultaneously. The flashing Home Link indicator light will change from slow flashing to rapidly flashing.

Step 4

Press and hold the Home Link button that you just trained. The light will turn to a steady glowing light to indicate that the button has been trained. You can now use the Home Link button to activate your garage door opener.

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