How to Program a Ford Mustang Keyless Entry Remote FOB

by Editorial Team

If you want to avoid the high cost of programming your Ford keyless entry remote from the dealer, you can do it yourself. Dealerships charge tens and even hundreds of dollars to program keyless entry remotes. Follow these steps to program your Ford Mustang keyless entry FOB remote yourself.

Step 1

If you have more than one remote make sure you have all of them with you. Sit in the drivers side of the Ford vehicle and insert the key into the ignition.

Step 2

Turn the key in the ignition to the on position and then back to the off position 8 times using a rapid pace. If you have done this correctly the doors will lock.

Step 3

Now push a button on the remotes that you wish to program. Do not push more than one button and make sure to push one on each remote. Remove the key from the ignition and step outside of the vehicle.

Step 4

Press the lock button to confirm that the process has worked. If the locks do not lock, repeat steps one through three. If you have neighbors close by with Ford vehicles, make sure to move the vehicle to a safe distance to avoid programming with your neighbors remote.

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