How to Program a Jaguar Keyless Entry Remote

by Robert Kohnke

The Jaguar is a British luxury car produced by Jaguar Cars Ltd. The Jaguar is commonly thought of as one of the higher-end luxury or sports car and many people want to own one as a status symbol. A keyless entry system is available as an aftermarket accessory. With the keyless entry system, you must install all new locks on the car, but then with a simple touch of a button, you can unlock or lock all of the locks.


Open the driver's door and leave it open throughout the programming process.


Hold the highbeam arm towards you and insert the key into the ignition.


Turn the key to the first position, which is "Accessory", and release the highbeam arm.


Pull and release the highbeam arm four times. On the fourth time you will hear a chime. Press the lock button on each remote that you want to program in and they will be added to the system.

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