How to Program a Honda Pilot Car Alarm

by Chris Waller
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Some models of the Honda Pilot come standard with an alarm system that will keep the vehicle safe and secure when it is not in use. This system will make loud noises, flash the lights and sound the horn if a break-in or theft is attempted. These Honda Pilots come with a wireless keypad that you can use to lock and unlock the doors and that you will also use to program the alarm system every time you park the vehicle.

Step 1

Remove the key from the ignition and exit the vehicle. Close the door and ensure that all the other doors and the back hatch are securely closed as well. The security system cannot be programmed if any of the doors are ajar.

Step 2

Press the "Lock" button on your wireless remote. You will hear the power doors lock. The security system will automatically be engaged 15 seconds after you lock the doors with the remote. You will hear a beep from the horn, a chirp from the security system and the headlights will flash once to indicate that the system has been programmed. You will also see an indicator light inside of the vehicle blink when the system is armed.

Step 3

Listen for the alarm while outside of your vehicle. The horn will sound, an alarm will go off and a combination of the lights on your vehicle will begin to flash if someone attempts to open one of the doors, break a window, disconnect the radio or attempt to start the vehicle. The alarm will go off for two minutes before the system resets itself. To reset the system manually, unlock the door with the key or the remote transmitter and lock it again to re-engage the system.

Step 4

Press the "Unlock" button on your remote or unlock the driver's side door with the key to disarm the security system. Attempting to open any door before doing so, or unlocking a different door with the key, will set off the alarm.

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