How to Program a Ford Remote Door Lock

by Michael Rippetoe

Remote door locks make it easy to unlock your vehicle's doors with full hands. But when you replace the remote, the new remote does not automatically work with the vehicle. Therefore, manufacturers have come up with a process to program the remote to the car, or in most cases, allow the car to accept commands from the new remote. The programming process on Fords can be different for every vehicle, so check your owner's manual first for the correct procedure. The procedure discussed here is for a 2007 Ford F-150 pickup.

Depress the brake pedal. You must keep the pedal pressed throughout the entire procedure, or it will not work.

Unlock the doors with the power lock button.

Insert the ignition key, and turn the key between the "Run" position and "Off" position eight times in fast succession. The door locks will cycle, locked then unlocked, by themselves. The key must be cycled eight times in less than 10 seconds. Try again if it doesn't work the first time.

Press any button on the remote within 20 seconds of the door locks cycling. You can program multiple remotes (up to six) at one time. If you take longer than 20 seconds, however, you must repeat the process from the beginning.

Turn the key to "Off." The door locks will cycle, locked to unlocked, to signal that the process is complete. Test the remotes to make sure they work. If they do not work, repeat the procedure from the beginning.


  • check You must program all remotes at the same time; any remotes not programmed will no longer work after this procedure.
  • check Electronic versions of owner's manuals are available online.

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