How to Program a Car DVD Remote Control

by Marshal M. Rosenthal

A DVD player installed in a car requires a remote control to access its features. A malfunctioning or lost remote that comes with the DVD player can be replaced with a universal remote. The universal remote can be purchased at a drugstore or hobby shop and will access all of the DVD player's features once it has been programmed.

Step 1

Write down the name of the DVD player that is in the car. This can be acquired from the car manufacturer's website if the DVD player was factory-installed, or the instruction manual supplied with the DVD player if installed by an aftermarket car service.

Step 2

Check that the universal remote lists control of a DVD player in a car by looking at the device guide on the back of the remote or at the manufacturer's website before you make the purchase.

Step 3

Remove the universal remote from the packaging. Slide the battery compartment cover off the back of the universal remote with your fingers.

Step 4

Line up the plus and minus contacts on the batteries with the plus and minus labeled text inside the battery compartment. Insert the batteries into the battery compartment. Replace the battery compartment cover.

Step 5

Find the numeric code for the DVD player in the car in the instruction manual that comes with the remote. This information also can be acquired from the manufacturer's website. Write this down.

Step 6

Press and hold the "Prog" or "Code" button, depending on the make, on the universal remote. Press the "DVD" button on the remote once while continuing to hold the "Prog" or "Code" button.

Step 7

Enter on the remote's numeric keys the numbers for the DVD player that you wrote down. Release the "Prog" or "Code" button.

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