How to Troubleshoot a Harley Davidson Security System

by Alice Godfrey

The security system installed in a Harley Davidson motorcycle protects against intruders by sounding an alarm if disturbed. You can troubleshoot common problems that can cause the alarm to malfunction. Household tools are needed, as well as supplies from a hardware store.

Step 1

Remove the battery compartment lid on the back of the alarm key fob. Remove the batteries from inside the compartment. Wipe the battery contacts inside the compartment with a rag. Shake the can of electrical cleaning spray for five seconds. Spray a 1/2-second burst into the compartment. Insert new batteries into the compartment and close the lid.

Step 2

Lift the back end of the seat to see the positioning of the alarm sensor module. Place a spirit level on the module. Readjust the module so the bubble on the level is between the two imprinted lines. Press the module down to reattach it to the hooking pad on the seat that adheres it. Return the back end of the seat to its original position so it covers the module.

Step 3

Trace the wiring from the alarm’s sensor which is typically mounted under the seat, along the frame of the Harley Davidson motorcycle, until you reach the alarm system next to or near the handlebar. Realign any wire that is loose from the locking clamps or cables holding it in position, using the tip of a flat-edged screwdriver or plastic putty knife’s edge. Repeat this procedure with the alarm siren that is typically mounted at the back end of the motorcycle.

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