Problems with a Ford Edge 6 CD Changer

by Eileen Faust
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The Ford Edge crossover vehicle features an in-dash six-CD changer. Many Ford owners have reported problems with the CD changer, which came standard in other model Ford vehicles. Common problems included CDs getting stuck or not loading properly.

Loading Error

Ford Edge owners report that when they fill up the six-CD changer, the CDs will not play and several error messages will appear on the digital readout. Attempts to eject the discs often do not work. This problem has been reported in new and older Ford Edge vehicles and can be caused by a CD that did not load properly. These errors can also be caused by improperly entered system codes.

CD Error

Some Ford Edge owners have reported that their CD player will suddenly stop working and read "CD Error" when they attempt to play CDs that have been sitting in the changer. Attempt to eject and reload all of the CDs. The No. 1 and No. 6 slots reportedly have the most problems reading CDs.

Stuck CDs

CDs often get stuck in the Ford Edge CD changer, and the system will not acknowledge the presence of the stuck CD. This may be related to a bent piece in the system, or it can be due to homemade CD labels coming loose and getting jammed in the CD changer.

Power Output

The six-CD changer is reportedly a low-output system and the sound may not be as strong as some higher-end systems. Ford attributes this issue to the sound quality of the music that is being played.

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